Monday, February 22, 2010

For Sale Items 2/22/10...

Hey, all, it has been a while, huh? Sorry about that! And to make it even worse, I am doing a SHODDY for sale post today (running out of time here). :) But I think I have three pretty nice new offerings this week...

This is the polyvore of the items I am HIGHLIGHTING this week. Please note that the bateau sweater is the DREAM version and NOT THE CASHMERE one shown in the polyvore (couldn't find a photo of the one I own in polyvore). I want you all to know that I still have a lot of items still unsold from previous weeks, so if you saw something you liked before, there is a very good chance that it is still for sale, for instance, even those Vera Bradley purses from the very beginning of my blog are still for sale! :)

As usual, if you like something, please e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com. You may also polyvore message me...

Monday, February 1, 2010

For Sale Items 02/01/2010...

02/01/2010 by dinagideon featuring J Crew

1. J. Crew Etoile Cardigan, Papaya, Size Medium, $32 w/free shipping. NWT.

2. J. Crew Lydia Blouse, Peacock Blue, Size Medium, $32 w/free shipping. EUC.

3. J. Crew Bria cami, Burnished Olive, Size 8, $37 w/free shipping. EUC.

4. J. Crew Hammered-Silk Laura Dress, Black, Size 10, $45 w/free shipping. NWT.

5. J. Crew Jennifer Jersey Shirtdress, Brown, Size Medium, $35 w/free shipping. EUC.

6. J. Crew Herringbone Aubrey Jacket, Charcoal, Size 8, $80 w/free shipping. NWT.

E-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or polyvore message me if you are interested in any of these items.

Also available are a Boden Dress, Size UK12 Regular (US 8 Regular), a J. Crew Citron Sleeveless Jersey Tank Dress, size medium, and a J. Crew summerweight striped skirt, size medium. To see these three items, look at my post dated For Sale Items 01/11/2010.

Happy Shopping!