Sunday, April 29, 2012

Been a Real Long Time!

Hi, all!  It has been a long LONG time.  I decided to hold off on updating my Cash from My Closet blog until after I had the baby.  But now that I have, I want to get some clothes out of my closet that are not working for me.  :)  Maybe one of these will work for you?

Since there are only 23 of you followers, if you mention that you saw this blog post, I will give you 10% off of the amount. If you are international, I will need to calculate shipping (probably an extra 5-10 dollars per item depending on location).

Closet Cleanout Commences!

There are eleven dresses for sale, some of them quite rare (like the Camilla and Goldwyn). Talk soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

For Sale, Old School J. Crew!

FOR SALE! Lots of Old School J. Crew!

Click on the polyvore for more information, but before you do, take a look at all the old school images I found for some of these items...

I have loved this image since this catalog came out (March 2007).  Alas I didn't think it would do anything for my postpartum body, so I held off.  This summer I decided I was ready to get this dress, but could only find it in a 4...which I figured *may* fit.  And it nearly did...but it is an inch too small at the empire waist.  Sad!  Lucky me found a size 6 on Saturday, and it should ship soon, so I am selling the size 4 I got.  I don't know if I am willing to take a photo of me doing the "Edda" pose, but maybe I will do it and report back to everyone over at My Superfluities.  LOL.  :)

The Plaid Bridget Shirt Dress was one of my favorites from the September 2007 catalog, and I bought it in a size 10 to reflect my postpartum size. Problem with it now is that it is too loose overall and I have lost the fit that you see on Vanessa above...when it fits well it looks chic and polished, when it is too loose, it looks a bit "sister wife." :) I bought the size 6 off ebay and it fits exactly like it should, so those of you who know how dresses fit me can probably decide if the 10 I am selling would work for you.

I am so glad I can sell some of these old school lovelies, they really are a treat from J. Crew's well done past.

Monday, January 24, 2011

For Sale Items January 24, 2011...

Just four of the dresses I am selling this week...there is a lot for sale (big BIG closet clean-out)!
Ladies.  Be prepared.  I have many, many items for sale this week.  There are three separate polyvores for you to peruse with items from J. Crew, Boden, Anthropologie, Target, and Ellen Tracy.  Enjoy!

P.S. Please let me know that you saw my items for sale at Cash from My Closet.  If you mention it in your e-mail or polyvore message, I will reduce your cost by 10%!  It is just my little way of saying thank you for following this blog!

J. Crew items for sale in the polyvore above.

Boden items for sale in the polyvore above.

Anthro/Target/Ellen Tracy items for sale in the polyvore above.

Thanks for following and reading my for sale blog! :)

E-mail dinagideon AT aim DOT com for more info.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Items for Sale 11/15/2010...

Ooh, been a long time since I have published over here.  :)  Just wanted to give my faithful 21 followers of this blog a peek at all the goodies I have for sale this week...and because you all follow my blog so faithfully, I will go ahead and take 10% off whatever you decide to purchase.  (Have to take care of my ladies!)

Above is the polyvore.  Click through the polyvore to see the info on the items and how to contact me.  BTW, to receive the 10% off, just mention that you follow Cash from My Closet on the e-mail or polyvore message and I will take the 10% off when I paypal invoice you!

Take care, all!!! And thanks for following this blog!

Monday, August 23, 2010

For Sale Items 08/23/2010...


For SALE! by dinagideon featuring J Crew
Hi, all! Happy Monday (I hope)!

Here are my four items for sale this week. Definitely have been on a run with closet cleaning...I will sell these items on ebay if they don't sell through here or the JCA exchange by tomorrow night. (That way I can have a fresh crop of things to sell next week!)

1. Large Patent Campo Bag, Dark Pewter Color, EUC, $175 shipped.

2. Silk Taffeta Ballerina Dress, Bright Orange Color, Size 10, EUC, $55 shipped. (This is from the Winter of 2007 and appeared in the Scotland catalog.)

3. Matchstick Jeans, Deep Indigo Wash, Size 31 Regular, EUC, $35 shipped.

4. Bootcut Jeans, Premium Rinse Wash, Size 32 Regular, EUC, $35 shipped.

E-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or polyvore message me with any questions, etc.

Thank you for looking!

Monday, August 2, 2010

For Sale Items...COATS and JACKETS!

For Sale...Coats and Jackets.Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

For Sale...Coats and Jackets. by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Thought some of you might have a need for coats and jackets...I love looking at fall/winter stuff in the summer, even if I won't be getting around to wearing them for a few months, makes me feel prepared or something along those lines. :)

1. J. Crew Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate, Meditterean Blue color (RARE), Size 8, EUC (worn twice), $150 with shipping (outside U.S. has extra shipping).

2. J. Crew Double Serge Maggie Jacket (RARE), Camel color , Size 10, EUC (worn a few times), $130 with shipping (outside U.S. has extra shipping).

3. Banana Republic Short Trench, buff/pale cream color, Size small, EUC (worn a few times), $75 with shipping (outside U.S. has extra shipping).

E-mail dinagideon AT aim DOT com or polyvore message me if you have any questions. :)

Also, don't forget about these items for sale from two weeks ago...many are still available for sale...

Have a great day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

For Sale Items July 19, 2010...

I have many, many for sale items this week.

Only the top four are J. Crew. The rest are a mix of a lot of different designers, stores, ages, and sizes.

I am doing this a bit differently this week...I am showing you all what I look like in the items because for non-J. Crew items, most of what I have for sale will not appeal to you laid out on the floor for the picture. You need to SEE them on a person to appreciate them. I still am keeping prices pretty low as I know they aren't J. Crew, but you may never know what you will end up liking, so take a look.

For sizing purposes, everything for sale fits me now. Some fit tighter and some fit looser, but I made them all fit today. For reference, I have these measurements: 34.5 inch bust (measured around largest part), 28 inch waist, and 39 inch hips (also measured at largest part). I have an inseam length of 34 inches (to the ground) and am wearing 2 inch flip-flops. I am 5'8".

All items have a $5 shipping charge (higher to Canada and internationally)...however, if you buy multiple items, I gladly combine shipping.

E-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com, but if you want, you can also polyvore message me.

Speaking of polyvore, above is the set I created with all the items for sale. If you would like to see the items up close, each item description will have a link to the photo of the item on its own.

J. Crew, Size 8. Cargo pants that I have worn, and enjoyed, but they don't seem to suit me any more. EUC. $15.

J. Crew outlet, Size 8. Version of the first cargo pants, yet done in a lighter fabric and in a glazed pecan color. Very comfy, but just not working for me. NWT. $10.

J. Crew, Size 10. Hammered Silk Laura Dress in Black. This is an elegant design, but one whose color and style is not really "me." Perfect condition, never worn (except for photo). NWOT. $25. SOLD!

J. Crew, Size 11. These are the Savona Suede Flats in Yellow/Purple. I have found my feet have shrunk and these are too wide and long now. EUC. $15.

Max Studio, Size medium. Clearly this shape suits me, but the colors don't. If you are shaped like me, but are a winter or summer coloring, have at it! :) Nice material for travelling, too (poly). EUC. $15. SOLD!

Laureate Lane, Size small. (Close-up pic looks sage-y, but color is much closer to grey.) I KNOW I bought this from Anthropologie, but heaven help me to remember when. I have actually never worn this--except for today for the pic! I must have swooned over some pic in their catalog and been all, "ooh, I can run through the forest in that frock, too," not once realizing that this style doesn't suit my frame. LOL. 100% wool, and very nicely made. NWOT (no tags from Anthro). $25.

Moda Intl., Size 8. Bought this from Victoria's Secret before they went all weird and trampy. Loved this dress, but the circle skirt is a lot for my figure to handle. EUC. $15.

Polo Jeans Ralph Lauren, Size Medium. (The quality of the close-up shot is terrible, go off the shot of me in it instead. Trust me.) Great summer dress, but alas, the black does me no favors. EUC. $10.

Talbot's, Size 10. This is a long, very conservative dress, but I found it a valuable part of my closet for a long time. Wore it to church, weddings, and the like many times. Linen/Rayon blend with a grosgrain belt. Could be tailored to knee length, if need be. EUC (took really good care of it). $15.

Bentley Arbuckle, Size 8. Bought at a small boutique in Mississippi. For the longest time, this was one of my favorite skirts. Sadly, the color I often paired it with, a deep, chocolate brown, makes me look terrible, so I give it up to others today. EUC. $15.

Donna Ricco Collection, Size 8. Love this skirt, and wish the extended A-line of this skirt looked better on me. Very feminine and nicely made. EUC. $15.

BCBGMAXAZRIA, Size small. I like this skirt, but I have very little that matches it, so away it goes. This looks to be more structured than it is actually a poly/spandex lightweight blend, pull-on styling. EUC (worn once). $10.

Gap, Size 6. Ooh, this denim mini barely did up. Definitely don't recommend buying it unless you are about an inch smaller through the waist and hips than me. Looking at the pic, though, you wouldn't really know that I was kind of uncomfortable. LOL. EUC. $7.

Benetton, Size 44 (roughly equivalent to a 10). Bought in Italy, I still sort of heart these pants. I found them when I was freaking cold one morning and needed something warmer (yet are still 100% cotton). These fit the bill. The print is a lot of fun. EUC. $15.

Sigrid Olsen, Size 8. These tuxedo style pants with a bit of sheen were bought at Macy's. I obviously should have worn heels with these to show off their full glory, but you get it. :) I find these don't suit me at all, but it is because I have fairly wide hips and these just accentuate it on me. If you have narrower hips, these will probably look divine on you. EUC (worn one time). $15.

evelyn, size 10. Bought at Nordstrom's. Very comfortable, nice fitting pants, just feel they don't suit me as much as some other pants I own. EUC. $10.

Ann Taylor, Size 10. Nice, comfortable suiting pants. Great for travel (poly). Sits at waist, which may work for some of you, just not me. :) EUC. $10.

Tribeca Studios, size Medium. (The lighting on the close-up pic is terrible, sorry about that!) Bought back a few years ago, have since determined black is not where it is at for me. 100% Cashmere. Very nice, soft cashmere. Very little pilling. EUC. $15. (P.S. Look at Rex cute.)

Thakoon for Target, size large. Bought it postpartum, even then too big in the shoulders. Would fit a J. Crew (top) size medium (8-12) nicely. NWT. $10.

Boden, UK size 12, US size 8. No way, no how am I modelling this for you. :) NWT, including attached sanity liner. Never worn, forgot about it. From a few years ago. $20.