Monday, November 9, 2009

For Sale Items 11/09/2009...

Do you like me? Do you really like me? Well, I can be yours for $45.

Here is the polyvore of all 7 (now 6--update 11/10/2009) items for sale here at Cash from My Closet (and hoo-boy, do I need to start making some cash from my closet--Hello, Christmas).

All info on sizes, etc. are in the click on over, folks!

I will have my FAQs up later today, but if you would like to ask questions about any of these items or you would like to purchase any of these items (paypal only), please e-mail dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

Here are two links to me wearing items #2 and #5. These two items do not fit anymore, and instead of just randomly putting them on ebay, I thought I would offer them to my blog friends first. If these items do not sell after two months, I will take them off this blog and sell them on ebay.

If an item in the polyvore has an X through it, that means it has sold. I will update the polyvores quickly to prevent any confusion.

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