Sunday, December 27, 2009

For Sale Items 12/28/09...DON'T WAIT TOO LONG!!!

Okay, Ladies...I have 15 items up for sale this week, but there is a condition. It is post-Christmas and I am needing cash from my closet (heehee), so if these items don't sell by Thursday at 2:30 pm, they will all be NOT for sale any longer, because at 4 p.m. on December 31, 2009, I am taking all these lovelies to the consignment shop and letting them sell them for me. :) I want all my blog friends to have first dibs, though.

All items ship free, btw.

Please contact me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com if you are interested in any of the items.

1. J. Crew Jersey Knit Dress, Color: Sour Lemon, Size Medium, $35 w/free shipping, NWT.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Floral Dress, Color: Bright Pink Floral, Size 8, $60 w/free shipping, NWT.

3. J. Crew Lisa Dress, Color: Bright Green, Size Medium, $38 w/free shipping, EUC.

4. J. Crew Silk Chiffon Dress (Summer 2008), Color: Bright Berry (or something like that), Size 8, $38 w/free shipping, NWOT (one or two tiny snags—can’t see them until you are RIGHT next to the dress—definitely can’t see them in a photo, also tag marked to prevent returns).

5. J. Crew Cashmere Peyton Dress, Color: Golden Cypress, Size Medium, Sold 12/30/09... :)

6. J. Crew Deco Dots Zoey Dress, Color: Black, Size 10, $25 w/free shipping, NWT (mark through label to prevent returns).

7. J. Crew Super 120s Jayne Dress, Color: Navy, Size 8, $110 w/free shipping, NWT (only tried on—also professionally pressed once).

8. J. Crew Herringbone Fiona Jacket, Color: Sour Lemon, Size 10, $35 w/free shipping, EUC.

9. J. Crew Collection Martine Cashmere Cardigan, Color: Grey and Citron, Size Small, SOLD 12/30/09.

10. J. Crew Sweater (Spring 2004), Color: Sweet Guava (or close to it), Size Small (more like an EXTRA SMALL), $12 w/free shipping, Used.

11. J. Crew Striped Button-Down Shirt (Summer 2006), Color: Clover, Size Small, SOLD 12/28/09.

12. J. Crew Mini-Gingham Button-Down Shirt (Summer 2004), Color: Green and White Gingham, Size Tall Small, $12 w/free shipping, EUC.

13. J. Crew Summer Weight Cotton Skirt (Summer 2007), Color: White with Blue Stripes, Size Medium, $35 w/free shipping, NWT.

14. J. Crew Lizzie Driving Mocs, Color: Gold, Size 10, $30 w/free shipping, EUC.

15. Theory High Heeled Shoes, Color: Nude, Size 10 (Euro 40), $45 w/free shipping, NWOT (Please see photo #3 for tiny blemish on side).

Happy Shopping!!!

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