Sunday, January 3, 2010

For Sale Items 1/4/10...

New Year=New Stuff for sale. Last three items are leftover from last week but that is because they are more "spring/summer" and the consignment shop said that they want these three items, but in March. So they get to come back for your perusal. Items 1-6 are new to the Cash from My Closet Blog as of today. A lot of color here!!! I actually am sad about selling them because the colors are so "me," but they honestly don't fit anymore, and I want them to make someone else's wardrobe a bit brighter.

Here goes:

All items ship free.

Please contact me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com if you are interested in any of the items or private message me over at Polyvore (some of you have done this and it works fine for me).

1. J. Crew Bria Cami (Winter 2008), Color: Olive, Size 8, $40 w/free shipping, EUC.

2. J. Crew Elizabeth Halter Cami (Summer 2008), Color: Yellow, Size S (but definitely fits like a medium), $35 w/free shipping, EUC.

3. J. Crew Lydia Solid Blouse (Fall 2008), Color: Peacock, Size M, $35 w/free shipping, EUC.

4. J. Crew Beaded Etoile Cardigan (Spring 2009), Color: Papaya, Size M, $35 w/free shipping, NWT.

5. J. Crew Velvet Ecole Jacket (Winter 2008), Color: Cobalt, Size 10, SOLD 1/5/10.

6. Boden Printed Long Jersey Dress (Fall 2007), Color: Multi, with olive, purple, brown, and white in a herringbone pattern, Size UK 12L (equivalent to an 8-10 Long US size), $35 w/free shipping, EUC.

7. J. Crew Jersey Knit Dress, Color: Sour Lemon, Size Medium, $32 w/free shipping, NWT.

8. J. Crew Lisa Dress, Color: Bright Green, Size Medium, SOLD 1/5/10.

9. J. Crew Summer Weight Cotton Skirt (Summer 2007), Color: White with Blue Stripes, Size Medium, $32 w/free shipping, NWT.

Happy Shopping!

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